Bright Group Fall 2015

Front Row: Ari Darlow, Shruti Trivedi, Crystal Collado, Samantha Matthews, Sitora Khodjaniyazova. Back Row: David Szczur, Dustin McCall, Dr. Frank V. Bright, Joel Destino, Jennifer Empey, Sidney Coombs.

Our Research

Welcome to the Bright Group Website in the Department of Chemistry at the University at Buffalo. Here you will learn more about our research activities and the people who are studying in our laboratories.

Research Areas

Thank you for taking the time to view our website and learn more about our research.
Our program has active research efforts in the following areas:

  • Chemical sensors and nanosensors.
  • Advanced anti-fouling/fouling release coatings.
  • Corneal epithelial cell bilayer chemistry and dynamics.
  • Wound restitution.

    What We Do

    We have active research programs in the following areas:

    • Chemical sensors
    • Antifouling / fouling
      release materials
    • Photoluminescent response from nanomaterials
    • Phospholipid bilayer chemistry, dynamics and structure
    • Protein function and structure in restricted space

    Research Facilities

    Shared, Multi-User Facilities
    The Bright Group has access to major scientific facilities within UB

    Dedicated Research Laboratories
    The Bright Group has dedicated research space within the UB Natural Sciences Complex


    • AIST-NT Combiscope AFM/SKPM
    • Horiba LabRAM HR Raman spectrometer
    • Vertex 70 IR bench top spectrometer with Hyperion 3000 microscope
    • Nuance EX multispectral imaging system
    • SLM model 8100 steady-state fluorimeters
    • SLM model 48000 multi-harmonic Fourier instrument
    • IBH model 5000-W-SAFE
    • more…

Please feel free to contact us about research opportunities or with questions about our group.