Current Student Biographies

Graduate Students

Crystal Collado

Crystal Collado

Undergraduate Institution: SUNY University at Buffalo

Degree/Major/Year: B.S. / Medicinal Chemistry / 2013

Research: My current research involves studying the effects caused by masking crystalline silicon (cSi) wafers with gallium-indium (GaIn) eutectic prior to electrochemical etching. This masking creates a novel cSi-porous silicon (pSi) interface with iridescent ring features surrounding the GaIn feature. I am currently investigating the effect caused by GaIn feature size has on ring feature sizes using various techniques, including scanning electron microscopy. My research also aims to explore the photoluminescence caused by these various sized ring features, as well as their gaseous analyte sensitivity.




Sidney Coombs


Undergraduate Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology

Degree/Major/Year: B.S. / Chemistry / 2012

Ph.D. Candidate

Research: My main research focus is to achieve micro-arrays of organically modified porous silicon with stable chemical and physical properties through contact pin-printing. Currently, I am investigating silanization of oxidized porous silicon through direct print of organosilanes. I explore sources of and strategies for mitigating extensive feature spreading which would otherwise inhibit production of high-density arrays. Recently, I have been working towards preparing amine modified porous silicon features with optimum loading of reactive groups.



Ari Darlow

Ari Darlow

Undergraduate Institution: SUNY College at Buffalo

Degree/Major/Year: B.S. / Forensic Chemistry / 2013

Graduate Institution: Boston University

Degree/Major/Year: M.S. / Forensic Chemistry / 2015

Research: My research focuses on measuring the photoluminescent response from porous silicon exposed to various analytes to determine thermodynamic quantities (e.g. entropy, enthalpy) related to the interaction. A gas chromatograph in concert with an epiluminescent microscope is used to measure time-dependent photoluminescent response from porous silicon to volatilized analytes. This approach will also include response from oxidized and functionalized porous silicon.



Samantha Matthews

Samantha Matthew

Undergraduate Institution: SUNY College at Potsdam

Degree/Major/Year: B.S. / Chemistry / 2014

Research: My research is focused on tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS). I will be using TERS to study strain-related effects on silicon nanostructures. My research also focuses on exploiting monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides for vapor sensing based upon changes in photoluminescence intensities and shifts in key Raman bands.